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7 August 2020 Portfolio

Viura Hotel

Among the Basque vineyards there appears Hotel Viura, a splendid luxury  complex of the innovative architecture and contemporary design.

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28 July 2020 Portfolio

Non conventional architecture

An impressive cement structure outside the box, composed of numerous levels and volumes, which make up the exterior design of the Azken Portu residence building.

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22 June 2020 Portfolio

"Iturriza" Inn

It is a low-cost project but full of productive and creative solutions, which have turned an open space of 120 sq m into a small hotel of 6 rooms with a lobby and a reception area.

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11 June 2020 Portfolio

Qgat Hotel

An old farming house, renovated with the play of glass windows and wood, becomes an exclusive hotel in a minimalist and modern style

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20 November 2019 Portfolio

Malaga Airport

Located in the southern part of Malaga Airport, General Aviation Terminal receives private flights, airtaxi, aviation school and other activities in this sector.

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5 November 2019 Design


TRICKS is a clever trick: the door slides showing neither the rail nor the wheels on the floor! TRICKS is a new concealed system for sliding doors fixed to the wall without any wheels on the floor.

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11 October 2019 Green building

Zero emissions

In the prospect of the “sustainable” architecture there is a search for the solutions that reduce the environmental impact of building also in the energetic and functional field optimizing the Energy consumption and reducing the heat and pollution emissions.

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10 October 2019 Portfolio

A single-family apartment in San Sebastian

A single-family apartment with the inside features designed to be comfortable, simple and externally open at the same time taking advantage of the precious materials with ivory walls and cabreuva floors, stairs and doors.

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9 October 2019 Green building

Sustainable resources

A building should be eco-sustainable in any of its stages of its life cycle, from the manufacturing of the materials to their processing, from the construction of the building to its demolition.

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23 September 2019 Portfolio

A home from the future

The novelty of this building is located in the city context made of old constructions that by contrast emphasize the futuristic style of this residence.

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