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Our goal is to guarantee absolute quality of the applied technology and materials in order to obtain a perfect functionality and reliability of our products. For this reason we are committed to achieving the recognition of numerous international certifications. Many of our products have got fire certifications through LAPI and IFT, UL, PEFC certifications and many others, including the important recognition of the CE certification.


PEFC certified
The Kit Futura frame and some of our sliding systems* are PEFC certified: the certification of sustainable forest management which attests in fact that the forms of forest management meet certain "sustainability" and resource regeneration requirements.

* PEFC certified sliding systems: 0500 20, 0500 21, 0500 30, 0500 31, 0500 60 20 ABS and 0500 60 21 ABS


Krona Koblenz hinges are tested according to strict standards which prove the full product correspondence to the best
performance parameters.
The certifications provided by Krona Koblenz are obtained according to the most important standards that regulate construction products.
Based on the performance and production processes, Krona Koblenz products have obtained certifications for: Fire resistance, Functional durability, Corrosion resistance, CE and EPD.

Product tests: 

Fire tests: tests carried out according to the reference standards for doors and closing systems which indicate fire resistance and smoke dispersion control. The acronym EI identifies a construction element which maintains, for a specific time "t", the resistance to flames, hot gases and thermal insulation.

Regulatory standards

EN 1634-1






  • Functional durability: indicates the number of cycles, for which full operating efficiency is guaranteed.
    The test involves moving a door weighing equal to the maximum capacity of a pair of hinges for a given number of cycles. At the end of the cycles, there must be no yielding beyond the limits indicated by the reference standard.

Regulatory standards

EN 1935

EAD 020001-01-0405

EN 1191

  • Corrosion resistance: it is a parameter that indicates, according to certain requirements, the degree of resistance to
    corrosion of door accessories. The parameter assumes particular importance in the environment with high atmospheric corrosion such as industrial or maritime one.
    The European reference standard EN1670 requires the hinges to be subjected to a salt spray treatment for up to 240

Regulatory standards

EN 1670

  • CE: it is a declaration of performance and constancy of performance according to the reference European standards for
    the product category.
    The CE MARK implicitly declares that the product is provided with specific documents, regulatory tests, inspections the
    conformity of which has been ascertained by a notified body (IFT - Rosenheim).
    Regular inspection by authorized certification bodies is necessary to maintain the CE mark and verify the conformity of
    production machines and processes.

Regulatory standards

EOTA procedure as per
CPR introduced in 2013

Production process tests:
- EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

DIN ISO 14025

NB: the certification achieved by the hinge refers to the performance under the specific conditions. This means that a hinge certified for a capacity of 80 kg with the installation of 2 hinges will only be guaranteed by the certification for a capacity of 80 kg even if a third hinge is installed to try to increase the overall capacity.




The attention we pay to the reliability of the hinges has led us to install test benches, including one certified by IFT, which we use to test ALL the hinges for multiple durability tests in accordance with the Test protocol specified by the regulations EAD_020001-01- 0405, EN1935 and/or EN1191.



Durability test bench: