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krona koblenz, a leading manufacturer of door and furniture systems for over thirty years

Krona Koblenz provides solutions for sliding and rebated doors. Its head office is located in Coriano, Rimini. Its structure perfectly reflects the spirit of the Krona Koblenz Group: 1500 m2 of avant-garde technology and pure design are embedded in the suggestive inland landscapes of Rimini. But the real business capital of this Company is represented by its Human Resources: a mix between the professional skills and the qualified experience of its long-term collaborators, together of course with the enthusiastic participation of the many young people working there.
Reliability, quality and design are, in this case more than ever, synonymous for the well known Made in Italy product and are actually the most important characteristics upon which, the Marketing Department together with the Research & Development Department, have based the history and the expansion mission of KRONA KOBLENZ SPA. In order to provide a long-term operation efficiency, it is indeed of great importance to be able to carry on the maximum flexibility according to the evolution of the target markets, and for this reason the Company offers a very large choice of articles and innovative solutions for sliding and rebated doors, represented in two different product categories: KRONA and KOBLENZ.
The KOBLENZ product category offers a catalogue with several innovative sliding solutions for furniture and a large number of invisible and adjustable hinges for rebated doors. Articles covered by technical and design patents that go along with the KRONA category of products, destined both for sliding doors such as pocket door frames for brick and plasterboard walls, and for rebated doors, more oriented to the  contemporary design standards.


Krona Koblenz SpA


At the beginning, Krona and Koblenz were two different companies.
KOBLENZ was founded in 1984 introducing the sliding elements in aluminum for domestic use to the National market. It was the time of SYSTEM 0810 and 0920, 0400, 0500 …
The first 20 years have been a constant growth thanks to the always more improving and enlarging of the product range, as well as to a strong process of its diversification: not only sliding elements, but also unified solutions for rebated doors such as the well known adjustable hinge KUBICA.
KOBLENZ changes in short time from artisan into industrial reality.
In 1990 KRONA comes to life introducing on the market the pocket door frame for sliding doors: the first concept of the sliding door, that at that time represented an absolute innovation on the market. From now on, the pocket door frame product is improved and differentiated, according to the market exigencies: there is the introduction of the pocket door frame for brick and for plasterboard walls, for minimal design doors, finally getting to a real customization of the product according to the Country this will be distributed in. After KUBICA range a KUBI7 hinge range with 7 fulcrums comes to life. But in 2016 there was created a new collection of revolutionary adjustable hinges ATOMIKA, which marks a real zero point in this field. With Atomika there appeared the first door hinges made of high resistance steel through cold molding which have very advanced features and low environmental impact. In the following years ATOMIKA range was followed by a new HYBRID series with a body made of high resistance steel and connecting rods made of Zamak. Another innovation once again. In 2009, with the merging of KRONA and KOBLENZ, a new reality arises: KRONA KOBLENZ, strongly characterized and consolidated by the important KNOW HOW that had already been acquired by the two distinct companies, with their well developed and established experience. Thanks to this new collaboration, today KRONA KOBLENZ is able to offer and develop, with its two product categories, a range of solutions that no other company is able to grant.

Le sedi

The branches

The winning leap takes place in the early nineties: a new Company comes to life in SPAIN: KRONA KOBLENZ S.L. Thanks to its potential, Krona becomes the leader brand on the market and the main reference for what concerns doors and sliding solutions. The further “step” takes place in 2011, when KRONA KOBLENZ announces the opening of two new branches in FRANCE and in RUSSIA, while the last expression of the strong expansion of the Company is the opening of another branch in INDIA in 2014.
The dynamic development which has always been a typical feature of KRONA KOBLENZ is leading the company to a more and more remarkable growth overseas as well as in the Middle East.


Krona Koblenz SpA

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Krona Koblenz S.L.

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Krona Koblenz Sas

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Among the powerful resources that have led to the evolution and the growth of the Company we can find the innovative Research & Development Department: an excellent strategic function, formed by highly qualified specialists and advanced technology in experimentation, that are the driving force of the entire activity of the Group. The projecting work of the team is supported by the advanced machines that they have at their disposal: KRONA KOBLENZ SPA is one of the few companies that uses rapid prototyping machines in order to increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the applied planning. This department is certainly the trump card, which brought KRONA KOBLENZ to obtaining important certifications and numerous patented international qualifications.
The heart of KRONA KOBLENZ is the Research & Development Department. It is placed at the Coriano head office and only authorized personnel has the access to it. It is divided into two floors, an upper one, where, thanks to the work of expert designers, existing projects are updated, and new ones are developed and repeatedly checked. The lower floor is divided into two operating areas, a testing room and a prototype area, where the first models of each new project are created. In the testing room, equipped with the certified Testing Work Tables, each product and every single component are tested according to the established number of cycles. At the end of each test the results are checked and compared with the ranges expected by the Quality Office, while each product is then examined by the operators who certify that the test has been passed.

The objective of KRONA KOBLENZ is to guarantee the absolute quality of technology and of materials used, with the aim to obtain their perfect functionality and reliability of its products.

Through its Trademark & Patent Dept. Krona Koblenz has achieved numerous international patents. Thanks to the cooperation with our Research & Product Dept. many products of our range have obtained fire certifications as LAPI and IFT, also UL, PEFC and FSC certifications and other international ones among which the important CE certification.


Thanks to this new work table all KRONA KOBLENZ hinges have passed the durability test based on suggested indications, according to the European protocol for invisible multiple axis hinges. This test is a necessary step to obtain CE product certification.NZ pays to the environment, it got EPD and PEFC certified.

Among the many advantages of the KUBICA hinge series today, for models K8000, K8060, K8080, K2460, K5080, K6200, K6300, K6700, K7080, K7120 and K7316 another important result was achieved: they passed the fire-proof tests. By passing the fire-proof test hinges adapt perfectly to the European Norm UNI EN 1634-1 and UNI EN 1634-2, which regulates the fire-proof test for doors and closing in general and in particular for fire-proof accessories and closing devices.
So hinges K8000, K8060, K8080, K2460, K5080, K6200, K6300, K6700, K7080, K7120 and K7316 become suitable for closing in schools or kindergartens, communities, condominium or every kind of public building where fireproof doors are legally required.
In the report of results 2 facts have a specific significance:
E [Emission] = provisions to prevent fire and smoke penetration or creation on the opposite side of the place where the fire started.
I [Insulation] = thermal insulation reducing warmth transmission on one side of the door and maintaining the predetermined limits (about 150 °C) for the temperature of the surface on fire.

KOBLENZ hinges mod. K2460, K5080, K6200, K7080, K7120 and K8080 obtained the CE Certification: it was an important goal, achieved after many strict tests, that guaranteed product quality and reliability.

With the aim to obtain the EC Certification our hinge models K7080 and K7120 of the KUBI7 product range (invisible hinge adjustable on 7 fulcrums) had undergone specific mechanical tests that have been passed brilliantly. The certification was obtained according to the European protocol for invisible multiple axis hinges and to the European norms. This is the first important step to achieve the meaningful goal. IFT Rosenheim, a notified European testing, surveillance and certification body with international accreditation, carried out the tests on hinges.
Tests included into the European norms basically refer to the mechanical impact on the hinges as follows:
1) Static load and overload tests:
Static load and overload tests aim to evaluate the hinge resistance under the extreme conditions, in order to examine consequent welding deficiencies, damages or deformations.
2) Durability tests:
The tested door is equipped with 2 hinges and then charged with the same weight as the door maximum capacity. Later, it is moved for an operating time of 200.000 cycles.
3) Corrosion resistance test:
Hinges are treated with the salt spray according to norm EN 1670:2007. 
In order to maintain the European Certification of our products, IFT biannual inspections have to check our production systems and verify if they are compliant to the norms.
More models have been obtaining the same rewarding result.

Another important goal for our business growth at the American market is receiving UL and ULC Certification for hinges K8000, K8060, K8080, K5080, K6200, K6700, K7000, K7080, K7120 and K7316 according to norm ANSI/UL 10C and GOST certified in Russia. 
With the attention KRONA KOBLENZ pays to the environment, it got EPD and PEFC certified.


The constant growth on the market since the first eighties is the logic consequence of the investments, that  have been made on communication and on the work of the Marketing department. This team, which is well prepared and oriented to the new market trends, is an important element of excellence and development. The well defined identity of the brand and the strong motivation of the team have led to strengthen during the years the positioning on the internal market as well as the expansion on the foreign markets, with strategic presence upon new market branches and important collaborations.

The attention to new trends, to originality and the constant research of renewal finds a visual application even in the particular design that characterizes the marketing offices of Krona Koblenz spa. The idea is to represent the four natural elements: earth, air, water and fire, with the addition of a fifth element which is represented by space, (the infinity), the meeting room. All of them are entirely realized in worked glass with photographic images of high quality and emotional impact, and are made even more precious by design doors: the elegant visible sliding system K2O.

Sales Area

Our work is completed by the Sales Department represented by 50 active and well-trained professionals, who operate nation-wide and abroad. Area Managers constantly complete training courses at the Italian Head office Product School and are supported by Product Managers. This collaboration and several workshops arranged together with customers develop new ideas for additional market scenarios and  suggestions for new sale strategies. The Sales Department is given strong support by the efficiency of qualified Sales Technicians in addition to the Marketing staff. These professionals consult the customers and the dealers in their open house in spot. The direct communication between the company and the customer remains lively and fruitful due to the precious work of the Sale Technicians, who visit the customers with K-Mobile – an equipped Krona Koblenz vehicle.