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The Head Office in Coriano, Rimini, perfectly reflects the spirit of the Krona Koblenz Group: 1500 mq of avant-garde technology and pure design are embedded in the suggestive inland landscapes of Rimini. But the real business capital of this Company is represented by its Human Resources: a mix between the professional skills and the qualified experience of its long-term collaborators, together of course with the enthusiastic participation of the many young people working there.



Research & Development

Among the powerful resources that have led to the evolution and the growth of the Company we can find the innovative Research & Development Department: an excellent strategic function, formed by highly qualified specialists and advanced technology in experimentation, that are the driving force of the entire activity of the Group. The projecting work of the team is supported by the advanced machines that they have at their disposal: KRONA KOBLENZ SPA is one of the few companies that uses rapid prototyping machines in order to increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the applied planning.


The constant growth on the market since the first eighties is the logic consequence of the investments that have been made on communication and on the work of the Marketing department. This team, which is well prepared and oriented to the new market trends, is  an important element of excellence and development. The well defined identity of the brand and the strong motivation of the team have led to strengthen during the years the positioning on the internal market as well as the expansion on the foreign markets, with strategic presence upon new market branches and important collaborations.

The attention to new trends, to originality and the constant research of renewal finds a visual application even in the particular design that characterizes the marketing offices of Krona Koblenz spa.
The idea is to represent the four natural elements: earth, air, water and fire, with the addition of the fifth element which is represented by the space (the infinity), used as a meeting room. All of them are entirely realized in worked glass with photographic images of high quality and emotional impact, and are made even more precious by design doors: the elegant visible sliding system K2O.



Krona Koblenz SpA
Via Piane, 90 - 47853 Coriano (RN) italy

Tel. +39 0541 657040
Fax. +39 0541 658211
E-mail: [email protected]


Krona Koblenz Sas
Saint Georges De Reneins (69830) - 635 Boulevard Napoléon Bullukian

Tel : +33-474090939 - Fax : +33-474090932
E-mail: [email protected]



KOBLENZ was born in 1984 introducing on the National market the sliding elements in aluminium for domestic use. It was the time of the SYSTEM 0810 and 0920, 0400…
The first 20 years have been a constant growth thanks to the always more improving and enlarging of the product range, as well as to a strong process of its diversification: not only sliding elements, but also unified solutions for hinged doors such as the well known adjustable hinge KUBICA.
KOBLENZ changes in short time from  artisan into industrial reality.


In 1990 KRONA comes to life introducing on the market the pocket door frame for sliding doors: the first concept of the sliding door that at that time represented an absolute innovation on the market. From now on, the pocket door frame product is improved and differentiated according to the market exigencies: there is the introduction of the pocket door frame for brick and for  plasterboard walls, for minimal design doors, finally getting to a real customization of the product according to the Country this will be distributed in.

A further winning leap takes place in the early nineties: a new Company comes to life in Spain: KRONA KOBLENZ S.L. Thanks to its potential, Krona becomes the leader brand on the market and the main reference for what concerns doors and sliding solutions. 


In 2009, with the merging of KRONA and KOBLENZ, a new reality arises: KRONA KOBLENZ, strongly characterized and consolidated by the important KNOW HOW that had already been acquired by the two distinct companies, with their well developed and established experience.
Thanks to this new collaboration, today KRONA KOBLENZ is able to offer and develop, with its two product categories, a range of solutions that no other company is able to grant, for the turnover of about 30.000.000. €.


The further “step” takes place in 2011, when KRONA KOBLENZ announces the opening of two new branches in FRANCE and in RUSSIA


The last expression of the strong expansion of the Company is the opening in 2014 of another branch in INDIA.