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Everything you need to know.
Why asking for a certified product?

Because a certified product is an excellence! Certification means testing the products according to the severe tests at International labs, and after passing the tests the product will obtain the certification which attests its entire correspondence to the best performing parameters.

Fire certification

It is essential for the fulfillment of all the projects or installation in the environment and buildings, above all in the public ones, where the specific safety standards must be applied. Actually, it is not possible to participate in tenders if the products lack the certification, besides uncertified products may affect the international sales in a negative way.


A hinge certification attests the certain performance under specific conditions. It means a hinge certified for 40 kg capacity with the installation of 2 hinges will be only guaranteed for 40 kg by the certification even if 3 hinges will be installed trying to increase the total capacity

What does CE marking mean?

It is not a mark of “quality” or of “origin”, hence it does not mean “Made in Europe”. CE marking indicates that a manufacturer of a specific product has officially declared the performance related to the essential safety features required by the standards indicated in the construction products regulation (CPR).
In particular, it is about the mechanical resistance, dimensional and colour stability, fire resistance, environmental hygiene and health, as well as application safety and corrosion resistance.

It is not enough to say “my hinge is certified”

A lot of individuals state that they have various certificates. Please pay attention: there is much difference between real certifications and the presumed ones! In order to apply and to keep the CE marking on our hinges a performance regularity attestation is required which consists in the audit of our production plants twice a year and in repeated tests of each production batch.

Which certifications are recognized?

If you are looking for a concealed hinge, you expect to receive a product in compliance with EAD 020001-01-0405, because it is the only testing procedure valid for the concealed hinges! Actually EN1935 requirement does not match exactly this door hinges type, but it only refers to oneaxis hinges which absolutely differ from the multi-axis hinges.

The certifications obtained by our hinges:

The certifications obtained by Krona Koblenz's hinges

PEFC is the certification of forest management which certifies the fact that the woodland management matches definite requirements of “sustainability” and re source re generation.