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Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a solution that makes a great impression with its elegance in the environment which highlights its design and functionality. Glass doors require certain technical solutions, precise and delicate,  in order to enable the correct positioning and sliding of the glass doors. Krona makes its “know-how” available, gained within the years of experience in the sliding door field and guarantees the best functioning and safety of the sliding glass doors.

The technology used by Krona systems guarantees the upper movement quality of the sliding glass doors, improving the noiselessness of the doors while sliding and closing and making their reliability longer in time. Krona technologies apply die-cast alloy rollers with improved ball bearings and Derlin-covered screens, a crystal polymer which makes the structure more mechanically resistant and solid.

Sliding glass door sets have an upper sliding system in order to keep the lower space unoccupied. The glass door clamps are adjustable in glass thickness applied with the system.  

Why choose sliding glass door systems by Krona? Because it’s the most reliable technology! The glass door clamps have a safety pin which ensures the correct non-slip function of the door within the time.

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