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Technical drawings and photos

System specifications

Kit cover with screws is an alternative accessory to traditional cover caps.  This solution gives a major stability to the cover caps, but with lower impact in terms of design.


Cerniere con kit cover vite opzionale

Hinge model Color Item number
K8000 Satin chrome K 800 COVER CS CV
K8000 Satin nickel K 800 COVER NS CV
K8000 Polished gold K 800 COVER OL CV
K8080 Satin chrome K 808 COVER CS CV
K8120 Satin chrome K 808 COVER CS CV
K2460 Satin chrome K 246 COVER CS CV
K2460 Satin nickel K 246 COVER NS CV
K2460 Polished gold K 246 COVER OL CV
K6200 Satin chrome K 62 COVER CS CV
K6200 Satin nickel K 62 COVER NS CV
K6200 Polished gold K 62 COVER OR CV
K6700 Satin chrome K 67 COVER CS CV
K6700 Satin nickel K 67 COVER NS CV
K6700 Polished gold K 67 COVER OR CV
K7080 Satin chrome K 708 COVER CS CV
K7080 Satin nickel K 708 COVER NS CV
K7080 Polished gold K 708 COVER OR CV
K7120 Satin chrome K 712 COVER CS CV
K7120 Satin nickel K 712 COVER NS CV
K7120 Black K 712 COVER NO CV


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