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Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY

FITTING Flush to the wall door

DIMENSIONS Hinge width on door side: 28 mm - K distance: max 4 mm


CAPACITY 80kg - 2 hinges / 100kg - 3 hinges

Atomika Karakter K8080


Atomika Karakter K8080 CL | Concealed door hinge in polished chrome finish
Polished chrome K 8080 CL
Atomika Karakter K8080 CS | Concealed door hinge in satin chrome finish
Satin chrome K 8080 CS
Atomika Karakter K8080 NS | Concealed door hinge in satin nickel finish
Satin nickel K 8080 NS
Atomika Karakter K8080 OL | Concealed door hinge in polished gold finish
Polished gold K 8080 OL
Atomika Karakter K8080 BR | Concealed door hinge in bronzel finish
Bronze K 8080 BR
Atomika Karakter K8080 BS | Concealed door hinge in brushed bronze finish
Brushed bronze K 8080 BS
Atomika Karakter K8080 OTL | Concealed door hinge in polished brass finish
Polished brass K 8080 OTL
Atomika Karakter K8080 NO | Concealed door hinge in black finish
Black K 8080 NO

Technical drawings and photos

ATOMIKA Karakter | Technical drawing
ATOMIKA Karakter | Technical drawing



Hinge features Value
Maximum load capacity 80 kg (2 Hinges) | 100 kg (3 Hinges)
Hinge material (Casing hinge, adjustment body, connecting rod, cover) Steel
Hinge casing width on door side 28 mm
K distance max. 4 mm
Hinge centered on the door leaf (max thickness) max. 36 mm
Tested cycles 200.000
Spray salt resistance 240 hours
Hinge weight 0,537 kg
Opening angle 180°
Hinge classification (how to read it) 3 | 7 | 4 | 1 | 1 | 4 | 0 | 11
Number of rotation axes 7
Fire resistance EI120 (120 min) | EI60 (60 min)
Axis with assisted adjustment X - Y - Z
Horizontal Adjustment (X Axis) +3 mm / - 2 mm
Vertical Adjustment (Z Axis) +3 mm / - 3 mm
Depth Adjustment (Y Axis) +1 mm / - 1 mm
Interchangeable with K8120 - K5080
Fixing screws Yes
Kit cover with screws Optional


  • Suitable for flush-to-the-wall door
  • 3D adjustable, all adjustments are indipendent,assisted and self-bearing
  • Wear-resistant bushings (lubrication/maintenance not required)
  • Several finishings available
  • Tested with door closer
  • Full HD hinge (Fully painted with same color)
  • Suitable for wood, aluminum and steel frame
  • CE Marking
  • Suitable for high opening and closing environment
  • Suitable for heavy door

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Video and adjustments

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