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KUBICA Hybrid K6360/45

3 axis adjustable hinge 5 fulcrums



  • White Hinge
    Art. K 6360 45 BI 
  • Black Hinge 
    Art. K 6360 45 NR 
  • Satin Chrome Hinge
    Art. K 6360 45 CS 
  • Polished Chrome Hinge
    Art. K 6360 45 CL 
  • Polished Gold Hinge
    Art. K 6360 45 OL 
  • Polished Brass Hinge
    Art. K 6360 45 OTL 
  • Satin Nickel Hinge
    Art. K 6360 45 NS 
  • Bronze Hinge full HD*
    Art. K 6360 45 BR 


A concealed hinge made of highly resistant steel and zamak for flush offset doors with architrave overlap up to 12mm and wooden, steel and aluminium frames. Load capacity up to 60 kg with 2 hinges, 180°opening angle with the minimum door thickness of 45mm. Wear-resistant bushings, lubrication/maintenance not required, reversible for right- and left-hand doors RH/LH.
3D-adjustable, all adjustments are indipendent,  horizontal adjustment is tool-aided and self-loading. Adjustments: horizontal + 2,0/-1,5 mm, vertical +/- 2,5 mm, depth  +/- 1,0 mm. Finishes..

Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY

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