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EGO Swinglife ABS

The Double Action Pivot door system without trims

The new double action pivot door system without trims. The system with an aluminum frame for door without rebate edge. It allows the opening on both sides, suitable also for public places. The entrance or exit will be possible pushing easily the door leaf.
The hardware SwingLife gives the door leaf a safe, accurate and reliable movement according to tradition KRONA KOBLENZ.
Thanks to our quality we guarantee a quiet, fluid and enduring movement without further maintenance. This solution is available with pre-assembled aluminium frame for an accurate, fast and appealing installation. Furthermore, thanks to the step “hook” and “unhook” of the leaf, installation becomes easier
and faster. One among the advantages in relation to traditional doors, is the possibility to save space: The double action pivot door system takes up half space rather than a traditional door. ABS gives to this solution an elegant and modern design. Really a perfect and reliable style.

  • Flush door solution with ABS with opening in both sides.
  • New boxed profile in order to guarantee the stability of the structure.
  • Protective film on the surface: for an accurate finishing.
  • Safety invisible ABS as standard equipment, 70 kg patented.
  • Easy installation: thanks to the fast device “hook”-”unhook” of the door leaf.
  • Adjustable without dismantling the door.
  • Fluid movement: thanks to the special design of 4 wheels rollers with ball bearings.
Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY
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