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EGO Sliding Door

Aluminum Frame for sliding door without trims

EGO for sliding doors: essential, elegant and functional.
EGO for sliding doors takes up again the minimalist philosophy as already used in the hinged door version: without jambs finishing of the wall is directly made on the pocket box. The result: you can create the door without taking conventional assembling into account, thanks to an easy and fast plastering and to the door stop made of wood which can easily be lacquered. Ego allows simple and accurate finishing, thanks to the fast plastering of the profile and to the wooden door post that can be easily painted. Tubular profles and the double fixing point at the box guarantee a high structural solidity. Furthermore materials are of high quality: anodized aluminium alloy 6060 certified QUALANOD, keeps away dust and with wooden elements ceritified E1.
It is extremely easy to insert the wooden beam into the frame, thanks to the dovetail shape of the upper part of the box.
Fixing elements along the whole structure allow a perfect installation. Polystrene elements inside the internal space guarantee solidity during the most sensitive mounting passages.
In the solution for gypsum board walls fixing of the profile was made easy near the edges and in case you want to carry out double plating.
Thanks to the adjustement of the roller you avoid light infiltrations to the upper part of the door leaf. So an optimal aesthetical effect is guaranteed.
Ego for sliding door is avalaible also for double door leaf version.

  • The door leaf is easily adjustable thanks to the hardware and the shape of the door post that avoids light infrilatration.
  • The wooden door stop can be easily painted. It is possible to carry out works for different kind of locks.
  • Solid fixing of the beam to the metal box thanks to the dowels to be fixed in several poins.
  • Special profiles of the perimeter, that can be plastered o kitted as well as the complete equipment for optimal finishing without hairline cracks and colour differences in comparison to the wall.
Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY
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