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Mekkit3D is the new kit for sliding door systems for plasterboard.
3D because it is adaptable in 3 dimensions thanks to its components: height, weight and thickness.

It is possible to realize 3 different door finishings, matching the base kit with:

- traditional doors and wooden jambs;
- EGO 1 with door with no wooden jambs and trims
- EGO 2 with flush door inside the wall or up to the ceiling with no jambs and trims

Mekkit3D with ABS on standard (only for closing)

  • Aluminium beam end cap. The fitting by insertion allows to adjust the beam by length at possible.
  • Aluminum beam with tubular profiles to resist torsion and flexion. The track design is “anti-dust” and integrates a channel for ABS activator. His geometry allows to adapt it easily to the wall thickness and allows the positioning of fixing screws.
  • End cap for Aluminum beam to assemble by insertion and fixed with screws, into the vertical profile of wall structure.
  • Plastic Extensions for the vertical profiles for a fast clip in the aluminum beam.
  • Aluminium vertical profiles with tubular profiles to resist torsion and flexion. The surface is rough to make a prefect finishing with plaster.
  • Bottom plastic base adaptable and universal.
  • Lower door guide with an easy fitting into the vertical profile of BASE kit.
  • Safety fixing over all plastic components to insert.All plastic parts are grey to obtain a perfect color coordination with the wall and finishing set.
Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY
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