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Hinge maintenance

General recommendations


The Krona Koblenz hinges do not require any lubrication over time thanks to the bushings made of self-lubricating and antiwear material.




NB: Do not lubricate the hinge.


The cleaning of the hinge must be done with a dry and clean cloth and only applied to the external and visible parts. Do not try to clean the internal components and mechanisms.
Avoid using solvents, surfactants, abrasives and creams.
For stainless steel hinges, use a specific product for steel.

Ordinary maintenance

During the ordinary maintenance of the doors, we suggest restoring the correct perimeter gaps as indicated in the Assembly Instructions. If this is not possible, check the frame squaring, the hinge fixing and the adjustments blocking (if applicable).

In order to make adjustments it is necessary to remove the cover caps first. We suggest you using the Cover Tools.