About us

We have always thought ahead to be ahead of our time looking for innovative solutions for doors and furniture.


We have been designing and manufacturing the furniture opening and closing, sliding and hinged door solutions for 40 years, applying innovative technologies and highly resistant materials.
Our product range, technically and design patented, offers modern solutions for every furnishing need.

The research and development are the background of our philosophy: a professional team dedicates itself to a constant experimentation, going beyond the boundaries of design. Their constant work allowed us to certify the quality of our products, both the technology and the applied materials, with international patents and numerous certifications.


We are Italian and we are situated in the very heart of Rimini inland, but our horizons are the whole world. With our branches in Spain, France, Russia and India we confirmed our growth as Krona Koblenz at the international level. 

Our offices and contacts


We have been designing new ways of making spaces communicate with each other for 40 years, through technical opening and closing systems for doors and furniture. We guide industrial planners and designers in the process of transforming their ideas into specific cutting-edge solutions


We are guided by active listening to those who use our products for their projects every day. Innovative technologies that together with the latest generation materials guarantee the major safety, protection and functionality.
Through our professional network support and technical resources sharing, we direct the furniture operators in using our systems.


The drive for change is what inspires our research.
We look into the future full of ambitions of becoming the reference point for designers, planners and architects to make their most difficult projects come true.

Mission & Vision


Revolutionizing the world of furniture and opening the doors to a new concept of design. Outrunning trends and targeting yourselves into the future, to understand today what will be needed tomorrow.


Leaving an invisible trace on every furnishing project.
Looking beyond every door in the world, with curiosity and innovation.

Brand Archetype: The Explorer

We try to convey values such as enthusiasm, curiosity, independence and freedom.

We have always explored new territories, both physically and mentally, broadened its horizons and looked for a new experience.

The achievements of the Company with the soul of an explorer, lead it to face challenges with a new, more mindful and more recognizable look.

Brand evolution

A new brand

The choice of font identifies a symbol that is unique and easily recognizable.

A new logotype

K is the distinctive element that characterizes the Company.

Scarica il nuovo Logo e il nuovo Logotipo qui: https://www.kronakoblenz.com/it/loghi-e-marchi


The K point of view

K= Key

Playing with the English pronunciation of the letter, we give a double significance and meaning to “K”. K like Krona Koblenz, but also like “a key”.

Krona Koblenz becomes the key point of view on your project.

The K point of view