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Product and technician

Products by Krona Koblenz SPA must be only installed and applied by technical specialists capable to keep carefully to all the mounting instructions using their professional knowledge. Krona Koblenz SPA does not take any responsibility for any possible damage or injuries caused by lack of instruction observance or by moving elements such as glass doors, shop windows, etc. during the installation and / or functioning tests.

Hinges make up the only fixing point between the door and the frame, therefore, they must be carefully studied in the stage of planning and design. Consult our Hinges chapter – Recommendations for hinge choice and installation.

Before the installation check if the wall is vertical, as well as the frame and the door. Consult our datasheet included into the packaging for further hinge installation. The technical drawings and mounting instructions must be always included into the product set. If they are lost or missing, please visit our website and download the necessary documents, or contact us at [email protected] 

Follow the mounting instructions and application given together with the hinge.
Put on the safety wear before the installation.

The technician is responsible for fixing the devices in the appropriate position. The technician must make sure the fixing elements correspond with the best product features per its type, dimensions, weight capacity and fixing position. The corrosion resistance of the fixing elements must be taken into consideration in order to satisfy the climate conditions at the construction site.

Fixing screws are in certain cases supplied by Krona Koblenz, however, the technician must evaluate if they are adequate for the material type, thickness and position, and fasten them in order to avoid their occasional unscrewing.

Make sure the door frame is firmly attached to the wall before fixing the door leaf.

Make sure the door actually corresponds to the hinge capacity and it doesn’t exceed the permitted weight.

Do not hammer the hinge to settle it in the milling, check again the mounting instructions and the related dimensions.

When the hinge is settled in the milling and the cover caps are fixed, check if it is perfectly flush to the door and the frame.

Do not exceed the adjustment range – please act according to the given instructions: upper – lower – central and adjust all the 2-3 hinges a little at a time.

Use an adjustment key in a good condition and be careful to not damage the adjustment screws.

During the horizontal adjustment be careful not to loosen the screws more than the permitted range indicated in the instructions as the hinge could get disassembled and the door could fall down.

Do not loosen the blocking screws completely. 

At the end of adjustment do not fix the cover caps. The functioning test must be fulfilled when the installation is completed. Provide the final consumer with the instructions and safety notes after the functioning is tested. Fix the cover caps by snapping them. Act carefully in order not to bend them. Do not use silicone to attach them. 

Keep the mounting instructions after the installation.

Make sure the hinges are not blocked with the polyurethane foam used for fixing jambs.

Consult the maintenance recommendations.

Do not lubricate.

Do not paint.

The accessory installation must be carried out according to the given guidelines. For the additional and not included accessories the tests and warranty are the technician’s responsibility. Krona Koblenz is always available for any prior evaluation in case of particular applications. 

The standard warranty is only valid for a product applied in total compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep your hands and small objects far from the hinge rotation axle to avoid any accidents or possible damage.