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KUBI7 Kubica Twist K2000

Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY


FITTING Self-closing door - Flush to wall door

THICKNESS min. 38 mm


CAPACITY 60kg - 3 hinges


KUBICA Twist K2000 CS HD | Concealed door hinge in satin chrome finish
Satin chrome K 2000 CS HD
KUBICA Twist K2000 NS HD | Concealed door hinge in satin nickel finish
Satin nickel K 2000 NS HD

Technical drawings and photos

Kubi7 KUBICA Twist K2000 | Technical drawing
Kubi7 KUBICA Twist K2000 | Technical drawing



  • Can be used with timber, steel and aluminium frames.
  • Self-closing concealed hinges for interiors flush to wall doors
  • Can be continuously adjusted in all 3 dimensions (Side +/- 2.0mm, height +/- 3 mm, compression +/- 1.0 mm)
  • Maintenance free slide bearings.
  • Available in 2 colours.
  • Load capacity 60 Kg with 3 hinges
  • Opening angle 180’.
  • Minimum door thickness 38 mm.
Model description

A concealed hinge for flush doors with self closing function for wooden, steel and aluminium frames. Load capacity up to 60 kg with 3 hinges, 180°opening angle with the minimum door thickness of 38mm. Wear-resistant bushings, lubrication/maintenance not required, reversible for right- and left-hand doors RH/LH.
3D-adjustable, all adjustments are indipendent,  tool-aided and self-loading. Adjustments: horizontal + 2,0/- 2,0 mm, vertical +/- 3,0 mm, depth+/- 1,0 mm. Finishes..

Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY

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