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KUBI7 Kubica Twist K2000

Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY

FITTING Self closing door - Flush to the wall door

DIMENSIONS Hinge width on door side: 30 mm - K distance: max 4 mm


CAPACITY 60kg - 3 hinges

Kubi7 KUBICA Twist K2000


KUBICA Twist K2000 CS HD | Concealed door hinge in satin chrome finish
Satin chrome K 2000 CS HD
KUBICA Twist K2000 NS HD | Concealed door hinge in satin nickel finish
Satin nickel K 2000 NS HD

Technical drawings and photos

Kubi7 KUBICA Twist K2000 | Technical drawing
Kubi7 KUBICA Twist K2000 | Technical drawing


Hinge features Value
Maximum load capacity 60 kg (3 Hinges)
Casing, adjustment Body and connecting rod material Zamak
Cover material Aluminum
Hinge casing width on door side 30 mm
K distance max. 4 mm
Hinge centered on the door leaf (max thickness) max. 38 mm
Tested cycles 100.000
Spray salt resistance 240 hours
Hinge weight 1,296 kg
Opening angle 180°
Number of rotation axes 7
Axis with assisted adjustment X - Y - Z
Horizontal Adjustment (X Axis) +2 mm / - 2 mm
Vertical Adjustment (Z Axis) +3 mm / - 3 mm
Depth Adjustment (Y Axis) +1 mm / - 1 mm
Interchangeable with K7080 - K7316
Fixing screws Yes


  • Suitable for flush-to-the-wall door and self closing door
  • 3D adjustable, all adjustments are indipendent,assisted and self-bearing
  • Adjustable self closing speed
  • Wear-resistant bushings (lubrication/maintenance not required)
  • Full HD hinge (fully painted with same color)
  • Suitable for wood, aluminum and steel frame
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