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TRICKS for doors

Made in Italy MADE IN ITALY


DOOR THICKNESS: Minimum 40 mm



APPLICATION: Invisible slide

Installation examples

Invisible hardware for sliding door
Recessed door
Totally hidden hanging door leaf system for recessed cabinet

Technical drawings and photos


Trackless sliding system with no floor track, 10 mm gap between floor and door leaf. Suitable for doors, cabinet doors and recessed niche on wall. Cushioned buffers for smooth opening/closing operation. Load capacity 50 Kg.


  • INVISIBLE hardware for exposed sliding doors
  • Door material: wood
  • Indoor application
  • Application: invisible sliding
  • Maximum load 50 Kg
  • Wall opening width maximum: 1200 mm
  • Wall opening height maximum: 2450 mm
  • Minimum door leaf thickness: 40 mm
  • Number of door leaf: minimum 1
  • Soft door opening and closing with adjustable end stop
  • Regolabile tridimensionalmente, tutte le regolazioni indipendenti, assistite, autoportanti
  • Totally hidden hardware system
  • Hanging door leaf without any sliding device on the floor


Kit completion

Accessory kit 0590 1 includes

Component Quantity Replacement item number
Plastic kit 1 piece 0590 01
Damper kit 1 piece 0590 02
Cable kit 1 piece 0590 03
Upper brackets 2 pieces (1 dx + 1 sx) 0590 05
Cable stop upper clamps 2 pieces (1 dx + 1 sx) -
Upper roller 1 piece -
Lower roller 1 piece -
Anti-derailment safety bracket 1 piece -

Complete the kit with accessory according to application

Component Item number
Aluminum track, door opening 900x2450 mm 0590 900 2450
Aluminum track, door opening 1200x2450 mm 0590 1200 2450
Aluminum track cut to size, door opening max 1200x2450 mm 0590 1200 2450 F.M.

Video and adjustments

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