Warnings, Recommendations and Maintenance of Door Hinges

Technical Guides

To ensure that the hinge works correctly, it is essential to carefully evaluate all the details of the door and the frame where it will be installed.
The installer is responsible for fixing the hinge into its milling.
Krona Koblenz does not assume any responsibility for damage or injuries which may occur during the installation and/or the functioning checks, if due to failing to observe the assembly instructions, or caused by moving elements, such as glass doors, doors, showcases, etc.
Below you will find a series of recommendations and warnings to keep in mind.

Warnings and recommendations

How to calculate the door weight

The door weight must include the total of the weight of the door leaf, the hardware and any applied decorations.

NB: in case of doors with glazing or glass inserts with the center of gravity different from its geometric center, we suggest checking the center of gravity or contacting Krona Koblenz for advice.

Frame and door fixing

For a correct frame and door fixing it is important that the jamb material and thickness are able to hold the hinge and keep it stable during the rotation of the door leaf.
The installer is responsible for the correct fixing and for checking the materials. The hinge must be stable during the rotation of the door leaf.
Furthermore, before installing the door leaf, it is recommended to check that the frame is perfectly aligned with the wall.

NB: if the ratio between thickness and width is greater than 1/15, make sure there is no collision with the jamb during the rotation.


Installation and adjustment

The installation and adjustment of the hinges must be performed by the qualified personnel. Refer to the assembly instructions in the package or download them from the website: www.kronakoblenz.com.

Painting and product alterations

Krona Koblenz is not liable for any inefficiencies due to the application of paints or modifications to the hinges.
Do not modify or tamper with the hinges. Do not paint. Krona Koblenz hinges are available in different colours/finishes.

Hinge maintenance


The Krona Koblenz hinges do not require any lubrication over time thanks to the bushings made of self-lubricating and antiwear material.

NB: do not lubricate the hinge.


The cleaning of the hinge must be done with a dry and clean cloth and only applied to the external and visible parts. Do not try to clean the internal components and mechanisms. Avoid using solvents, surfactants, abrasives and creams. For stainless steel hinges, use a specific product for steel.

Ordinary maintenance

During the ordinary maintenance of the doors, we suggest restoring the correct perimeter gaps as indicated in the Assembly Instructions. If this is not possible, check the frame squaring, the hinge fixing and the adjustments blocking (if applicable).

In order to make adjustments it is necessary to remove the cover caps first. We suggest you using the Cover Tools.

Installer's reminder

The hinges are the only fixing point of the door leaf and the frame and it must be carefully taken into consideration during the design and installation phases. Below you will find a list of warnings for the installer:

• Make sure the frame is square and firmly anchored to the wall before fixing the door leaf.
• For some hinge models, the fixing screws are supplied by Krona Koblenz.
• In any case, the installer must evaluate if they are suitable based on the type of material, thickness and location, as well as tighten them properly to prevent accidental unscrewing.
• Make sure that the door weight does not exceed the hinge capacity.
• Perform the adjustments following the suggested sequence "Upper-Lower-Central" without exceeding the adjustment
intervals. Follow the assembly instructions or video tutorials on the Krona Koblenz YouTube channel.
• Use the adjustment wrenches in a good condition and be careful not to damage the adjustment screws.
• The screw tightening torque cannot exceed 4 Nm.
• The installation of accessories must be performed in accordance with this guide. Krona Koblenz welcomes you to have a prior evaluation.
• The ordinary product warranty is ensured only if the goods are used in a full compliance with the manufacturer's instructions.
• Do not lubricate the hinges.
• Do not paint the hinges.